Uncovering Unhelpful Core Beliefs

This worksheet helps people examine their core beliefs by analyzing a thought that has been bothering them. (0921, coaching, values, value system, belief system)

Helping Children Return to School When Face Masks Are Required

This worksheet is designed to help parents whose children may be resistant to wearing face masks at school. (0821. COVID-19, Coronavirus)

Helping Children Cope with Loss

This worksheet encourages adults to follow the CHILD technique to help children who have experienced a loss. The acronym stands for: Consider, Honesty, Involve, Listen, and Do It Again.

Strengthening Your Relationship with Your Teen

This worksheet gives parents ideas on how to connect and build a better relationship with their teens through a variety of planned family activities. (0521, parenting, family therapy)

Stress Catcher (Game)

From the National Institute of Mental Health, this fun tool will help people understand that there are a variety of ways they can deal with stress. Can be used with children, teens, and adults. (0421, stress, coping tools(

Understanding and Changing Your Habits

This worksheet is designed to help people whose habits are holding them back and gives them concrete tools to help change unhealthy habits. (0421, habits, behavior problem)

Preventing Unhealthy Sibling Rivalry

This worksheet helps parents understand basic ways to diminish sibling rivalry. It encourages parents to have family meetings to work address ongoing family problems. (0321, sibling rivalry, behavior)

Reducing Conflict with Your ADHD Teen

This worksheet suggests more than 15 strategies to help parents improve their relationships with their ADHD teen. It also gives them a chart to help evaluate the success of their strategies. (0321, ADHD, relationships, parenting)

Activities to Help Children Deal with Divorce

Developed at the University of Missouri Extension Services, this handout gives parents simple ways to help their children develop coping skills to deal with separation and divorce.

Communicating with Your Children

This worksheet is designed to help parents think about how the communication style of their family when they were young. It encourages them to think about the words they use to communicate with their own children. (0221, parenting, communication)

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