Anger Control
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Managing Anger After a Breakup

This worksheet suggests eight techniques to help people deal with intense feelings after a breakup. Follow-up questions ask people to explore their anger and think about new coping techniques. (1121,  marriage, breakup, divorce, anger, relationships)

Do One Thing Differently

Clients learn to re-orient their thinking. (1121, problem-solving, solutions, depression, anxiety)

Calming Your Body_Audio

This 12-minute audio can be used to help people with a variety of concerns and problems. This
type of audio triggers the “relaxation response” in the brain, which has been shown to lower
blood pressure and heart rate and produce biochemicals in the brain associated with feelings of
calm and well-being. Practicing relaxation techniques on a regular basis may have a variety of
additional health benefits. The worksheet includes a chart for people to keep track of how often they practice relaxation exercises and the effect on their mood. (100821, relaxation, audio)

Calming Your Body with Progressive Relaxation

This worksheet helps people learn and practice progressive muscle relaxation, a technique that involves tensing specific muscle groups and then relaxing them. (100721, relaxation, progressive relaxation)

Identifying Anger in Your Body

This worksheet is designed to help people understand how anger shows in their bodies and gives them suggestions on how they can cope with difficult feelings. (0921, anger control, emotional regulation)

Tarjetas para Efectuar Cambios Positivos

These Coping Cards can be used by people who want to replace negative behaviors with positive ones. A useful technique to help in breaking negative habits. Spanish Version. (Spanish, 0221, negative thinking)

Keeping Your Self-Respect in Conflicts using the FAST Technique

This technique is designed to help people increase their ability to have positive outcomes in conflicts with others. The FAIR technique is an acronym for: be Fair; use no Apologies; Stick to your values, be Truthful. The worksheet asks people to consider how they have handled conflicts in the past and to what extent their have compromised their values so that their self-respect was diminished. It asks them to practice the FAIR technique and record the outcomes and how they felt about themselves. This technique is adapted from DBT therapy. (DBT, interpersonal effectiveness, compromise, conflict, relationships, 1020)

Using a Behavior Chain to Change the Outcome of Emotionally Intense Episode

This worksheet helps people understand the behavioral chain that leads to intense emotional episodes. (Borderline Personality Disorder, BPD, 0920)

Learning How to Negotiate with the VASE Technique

This worksheet teaches people a positive way of negotiating using the VASE technique. This stands for validating what the other person wants, asking for a compromise, suggesting alternatives, expressing yourself in a kind and appropriate manner. (negotiation, mediation, borderline personality disorder, BDP, 0920)

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