Coping with Depression After a Breakup

This worksheet suggests activities that people can use to cope with depression associated with a breakup or divorce.  The worksheet includes a chart for people to keep track of which activities are most helpful.  (1121. Divorce, breakup, depression)

What Is Your Love Language?

This worksheet teaches couples about the five Love Languages described by Dr. Gary Chapman. It helps each partner determine their primary Love Language and think about meaningful ways to express love and affection. (0921, couples therapy, marriage therapy)

Are You An Enabler?

This worksheet helps people see the difference between being enabling and being supportive. It also gives them alternatives to enabling behavior. (0921, addiction, behavior, family therapy, couples therapy)

What Is Your Attachment Style?

This worksheet is designed to help people determine their attachment style and consider how their attachment style evolved. (0921, attachment style, relationships)

Become a Better Listener

This worksheet teaches the Listening Cycle, a research-based approach to helping people become better listeners. (0821, conversation skills, communication, coaching)

Interpreting Non-Verbal Communication in Your Relationshp

This worksheet is designed to help people evaluate non-verbal communication in their relationships. (0621, relationships, marriage, nonverbal)

Interacting with People Who Annoy You

This worksheet is designed to help people deal with anyone who they consider annoying. It gives them specific tactics to deal with a variety of annoying behavior. (0521. relationships, social skills, conflict resolution)

Evaluating the Problems in Your Relationship

This worksheet encourages couples to identify problems they are experiencing in their relationship to start communicating about them. (0121, marriage therapy, couples counseling, relationships, communication)

How to Tell Your Partner You Cheated

This worksheet is designed to address the issue of infidelity in a relationship. Guidelines are given as to how to best talk to a partner and how to repair the relationship. (infidelity, cheating, marriage, marriage and family therapy, marriage counseling, 1120)

Overcoming Codependency in Your Relationshp

This worksheet is designed to help people see if they are being codependent in their relationships. It gives them various ideas on how to be more independent and set appropriate boundaries. (1120, codependency, addiction, marriage and family therapy)

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