Everyone Gets Angry

This worksheet teaches children that people get angry to different degrees and in different ways. (1121, anger management, anger control, temper tantrums)

Handling Frustration

This worksheet gives kids an example of a student frustrated at school and asks students to think about what causes them frustration at school and what they can do about it. (ADHD, behavior, frustration, 1021)

Being a Good Listener (Kids)

This worksheet helps children understand the importance of good conversational skills. (1021, conversation, social skills, communication(

Building Your Confidence

This worksheet gives people ideas on how to improve their confidence by recognizing their skills and talents, understanding how a lack of confidence is holding them back, and creating a self-talk script. (1021)

Staying Focused (Kids)

This worksheet teaches children the importance of being focused. (0921, ADHD, attention)

Dealing with Distractions (Kids)

This worksheet asks kids to think about distractions and how they can affect their work. (0821, ADD, focus, homework)

Understanding Body Language (Kids)

This worksheet asks children to draw actors on stage expressing emotions without speaking. It is designed to be an introduction to understanding body language. (0521, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder)

Social and Emotional Behavior Intervention Plan

This intervention plan can be used to assess different aspects of a student’s problem behaviors and record the responses to different behaviors. A progress monitoring graph is also included. (0421, behavior management, school problems, ADHD)

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