Our Clinical Package

What makes a great therapist or mental health counselor? We ask ourselves that question every day. And we rely on research studies and the expertise of our members to answer it.

Our Clinical Package lives up to its name, with groundbreaking tools, including our one-of-a-kind Workbook Creator, the Session Feedback Form, and the Self-Efficacy Scale. The Client Progress Accelerator gives you three metrics to provide you with measurable insight into client motivation and progress.

And of course your Clinical Package gives you access to all of our Libraries – more than 2,500 Tools!

One-of-a-kind Tools

The Workbook Creator

We have thousands of tools in our Library, but as we kept creating more tools, we started thinking that it might take longer and longer for mental health professionals to find just what they wanted for their clients. So we created software to help you with this sometimes tedious task. When you send your client a Problem Checklist, our software selects the most appropriate worksheets and compiles them into a book. Design a cover, add an introduction, even add additional worksheets of your own. It takes less than an hour and we guarantee you’ll be amazed about how cool this feature is!

Session Feedback Form

One of the most effective things that therapists can do to is to simply ask for feedback. What works? What doesn’t work? What can we do differently to meet your goals? Research tells us that getting client feedback improves the Therapeutic Alliance, which is the single best predictor of client success. Yet very few professionals take the time to ask for feedback. Now that can change with one click. That’s all it takes to send a client a Session Feedback Form. You are notified when a client sends it back and it is stored on your HIPAA-compliant portal. Best of all, you get a “Satisfaction Score,” which measure Therapeutic Alliance from “poor” to “excellent.”

Measuring Behavioral Progress

Every professional should be keeping session progress notes, but we actually provide a Score that takes into account a client’s change in behavior, attitude toward therapy, response to interventions, change in symptoms, and progress on goals. The Score rates a client’s progress from “slow” to “excellent.” You can even download an Excel worksheet of the progress and graph it over time.

Measuring Self-Efficacy

One of the best predictors of whether or not clients will benefit from therapeutic assignments is their sense that they can achieve goals – their self-efficacy. Send a self-efficacy questionnaire to your clients with one click and when they return it, you’ll have a self-efficacy score which can be compared with scores of client satisfaction and overall progress.

Audio Files

There are many tools your clients can use “between sessions” by just listening to them. You get dozens of audio files with your membership, including mindfulness meditations, guided imagery, progressive relaxation, and more.

Ask Us About Our Enterprise Software

Our Clinical Package is the perfect tool for large group practices and agencies.

We can create a group portal for 20 to 100 counselors and therapists and give your Administrator access to each clinician’s metrics. Ensure that your group has the most up-to-date tools to provide exemplary services to all of your clients.

Library of Tools

Choose from one of our smaller Libraries or get our entire Library of over 2,000 Tools with a new tool added each and every day, many at our member’s request. Your clients will love our tools. Guaranteed!

Psychology Forms Filler

This popular feature is included with every membership level. Use our Forms Filler to edit any of our Tools, including over 100 Practice Management Forms.